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A special place ...

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Gwithian! Gorgeous, glorious Gwithian.

Whenever I visit, my heart sings and then softens at the most magical views which await.

Beach at Gwithian with view of Godrevy lighthouse

Or, as my husband puts it, my nose starts twitching and my tail is wagging as soon as we are in sight of the sea.

We decided to nip down to the coast for a belated birthday celebration. Yes, it was February half-term and blowing a gale, but with the promise of a sunny day, a low tide and a lovely lunch, I had my walking boots on before my other half had brushed his teeth.

Now we hadn’t planned to make a little film, but so it’s a spontaneous bit of fun on our part....but as we explored my most favourite place, I was reminded by what a truly magnificent and special location Gwithian is.

The meandering boardwalk which takes you down to the crashing waves of the Atlantic; the secluded rocky coves, just perfect for a moment of reflection and contemplation; the stretch of golden sands where you can walk for miles and miles without seeing another soul. All of this set to a breathtaking natural backdrop of blue, gold and green.

Places likes this cannot fail to captivate. They are places which you unknowingly commit to memory forever more. They become the places you return to time and time again, both mentally and physically, from which to take strength and peace and joy.

Gwithian, is without a doubt, my special place. And I can't wait to see who might book a ceremony here!

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