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Hitched Award Winners 2022!

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Well this was a huge surprise - finding out we'd won an award for something we hadn't entered or knew was happening, which we hadn't paid for or asked people to vote for! And it's all thanks to our amazing clients!

We've never entered ourselves for one of the multitude of awards organised by the wedding industry- mainly because you have to a) nominate yourself (awkward), then b) you have to ask everyone to vote for you (double awkward) and c) you frequently have to pay a hefty fee for the privilege of doing a) and b). Also, awards are a funny old business. Which ones are reputable? Which ones actually matter to clients? Which ones are truly dodgy?

So as yet, we have never entered into any awards. And then the wedding directory Hitched released this yesterday:

Decided by Hitched couples, the Hitched Wedding Awards highlight the wedding businesses that have provided exceptional quality of work, professionalism, flexibility and customer service. This award recognises Celebrant in Cornwall as one of the most recommended professionals by married couples. The accolade demonstrates how valued this vendor is within the sector, as so many couples they have worked with have left them positive feedback.

Well how awesome is that??? An award all down to our incredible couples taking the time to leave their generous feedback on a wedding directory, which in turn, helps others couples decide whether they might like to book Celebrant in Cornwall for their special day.

So we don't have a posh trophy or a glitzy certificate, or fuzzy memories of a boozy awards dinner, but we do have a super-warm feeling of deep gratitude to everyone we worked with last year - thank you, thank you, thank you ❤

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