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Launch of new elopement offer

Updated: May 10, 2021

Hey folks, I hope you are all doing well. I am writing this on the day of Storm Ciara, tucked away in my little office with the rain beating down on the windows and the wind howling around the garden – yet only earlier this week I was skipping along the sands of Fistral Beach! February is fickle, that’s for sure…

I wanted to write about an offer I have been considering for a while, and judging by the volume of enquiries over the last month or so, I know it’s going to be popular!

I’ve written about the truly wonderous thing that is the symbolic elopement ceremony before – and if you keep up to date with me on social media, you will know how I genuinely LOVE an elopement. Super-romantic, highly intimate and generally stress-free, for me an elopement is a joy of a ceremony to prepare and deliver.

And with fewer people involved in such a celebration, decision making is simpler and it is ALL ABOUT THE COUPLE. Which is really what every wedding should be, but infrequently isn’t.

So I’ve got a rather special offer for anyone wanting to book a ceremony without guests - although I will make an exception for bringing along a furry friend or two! For just £475, I will work with you to create a wonderfully bespoke script, within which you can include a reading, personalised vows and an exchange of rings - and if you would like to include a ritual such as a handfasting, you can do that as well.

That’s a saving of £95 on a similar ceremony surrounded by friends and family.

Why am I doing this when, like so many other celebrants, I could charge the same for an elopement as I do a wedding ceremony attended by friends and family?

Firstly, because I totally get the elopement vibe. It’s something I would definitely have done had I thought about it! I love the fact that you are making this about you and your love, and I will be there to help you honour this commitment through a deeply meaningful and personal ceremony. I’m happy to bear the rings, throw the confetti, whoop and cheer for you – or blend into the background if you prefer. I can’t lie – there will probably be some tears. On my part, at least. #sorrynotsorry

Secondly, because I listen to my couples. I hear that while having a huge ceremony attended by all and sundry is the ideal, the reality is, for whatever reason, it’s not right for you. It might be about the costs, the stress, the focus of attention, a complicated family situation – whatever it is, you can be assured I’ve heard it – and I want to do my very best to accommodate that and charge a fairer price accordingly.

And finally, because I love how Cornwall really is the ultimate runaway wedding destination. From the miles of sandy beaches to the romantic moors, and from poppy-filled meadows to picturesque lakes and woodlands – plus if you like a luxury venue, we have more elopement specialists in the county than you can shake a stick at! So for me, Cornwall and elopements are the perfect partners.

So there you go, a little insight into my thinking, I really hope that it might help some couples looking for the perfect celebrant-led elopement ceremony...

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