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Real life wedding: Nick and Nina

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Nick and Nina’s beautifully boho wedding ceremony was held at Nancarrow Farm on Saturday 9 April 2022…

Nick and Nina get married by Celebrant in Cornwall
All images courtesy of The McHendrys

…. And it was a ceremony full of fun and love, the most gorgeous bridal party and some incredible guests!

We first chatted with Nick and Nina back in November 2021 – having secured their dream venue of Nancarrow, they were disappointed to discover there were no registrars available to attend their wedding. Luckily the fabulous team at Nancarrow recommended us – resulting in a far more personal, fun and relaxed wedding than Nick and Nina would have had if their original plans had worked out!

Working with Nick and Nina was awesome: we met up one rainy Saturday morning in Padstow with a plan of going for a walk with Maisie their dog, but once we’d got stuck into coffee and chatting, we ran out of time! And from that point, we felt that we had a really good insight to Nick and Nina, their vibe, their story and what made them work so well as a couple.

The day of their wedding came around surprisingly quickly, and despite Covid being a very present threat in the week leading up to the big day, fortunately all parties were recovered in time and Nick, Nina and their guests converged on Nancarrow for a long weekend of celebrations.

As always, Nancarrow looked stunning in the April sunshine and the rustic barn was bathed in golden light. Having met Nick and his entourage, it was Lisa’s great pleasure to have a little time with Nina and her bridal crew of Flo, Rae and Adam, and Nina’s Dad Mick. They were all raring to go!

Watching the groom’s face as his bride walks down the aisle is a moment we always love, and this was no exception. With an acoustic version of Send Me on My Way playing gently in the background, Nick was completely captivated by beautiful Nina.

And then we were off, finding out more about the love story of The Ice Queen and The Closed Book, enjoying a very cute reading by bridesmaids Flo and Rae, listening to some brilliant personal wedding vows which had us in stitches AND in tears, and then to the wedding ring exchange - only made possible by the entrance of exuberant Maisie the dog/ringbearer. Finally there was a suitably raucous exit to surprise singing, stomping and various percussive instruments being played!

This, we are all agreed, was a ceremony and a half. The whole package and then some. We could not have wished for a better ceremony and a cooler couple to launch the Spring season and Nick and Nina are two people we definitely won’t forget in a hurry.

Nina very kindly dropped us a message a couples of days after the ceremony:

Lisa thank you sooo much for the best day! You were above and beyond amazing. So many people asked after you and said how brilliant the ceremony was – we are so grateful.

We even received an email from Nick’s Mum!

Hi Lisa! I just wanted to say thank you for making Nick and Nina's day so special. Your service and words were just lovely. We had quite a few comments about how beautiful it was and that you really seemed to know them both so well. I know that you spent a lot of time with them and you had them spot on!

And finally, Nick left us a lovely review:

Lisa has such a great vibe and was genuinely interested in our story, we got along so well right from the start. She truly personalised our ceremony.. to the point that many of our guests thought we had all been friends for years! Lisa did a fantastic job from start to finish, and we couldn't recommend her more!

Right back at you, folks! If we could choose all our clients, they would be just like you!

And we just wanted to say an extra thank you to Nick and Nina for introducing us to the outrageously talented photographic duo The McHendrys – their energy and enthusiasm was insane – an absolute joy to work with!

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