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Real life wedding: Nick and Vicki

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Nick and Vicki’s intimate wedding ceremony was held at Lusty Glaze on Tuesday 26 October 2021…

…. And it was a ceremony full of family and fun, laughter and tears, ribbons and rings – and of course the breathtaking beach at Lusty!

Quite often we are reminded of how lucky we are, especially when we meet couples like Nick and Vicki. Two of the most kind-hearted and authentic folk we’ve had the privilege of writing for, who (rather unsurprisingly) have the most beautiful and sunny natured baby girl EVER, and combine these with a stunning location, fantastic family and a none- to-shabby October day – what more could you ask for in a wedding?!

Since the Lake District is home for Nick and Vicki, they are no strangers to beautiful natural surroundings, and being a very outdoorsy family and loyal fans of North Cornwall, having their wedding celebration on a Cornish beach really was a no brainer. As soon as we chatted, I knew we were on the same page. And how I LOVED working with Nick and Vicki, and everything about this ceremony – the intimacy, the ritual, the family participation – as well as the laughter, the tears and the lack of voice (Vicki)!

So how much fun did we have planning this one?! It’s actually the first ceremony we’ve worked on which turned into a bit of a double-act with a family member – not that Nick and Vicki knew that was going to happen! Nick had mentioned that his Dad was a good writer – which piqued my interest and very early on I chatted with Steve about input to the ceremony. And the more we chatted, the more it became clear to me that Steve could make a much bigger contribution than a short reading! That was nice little surprise to keep to ourselves until the big day.,,

When that day arrived, I joined the wedding party at the top of the infamous steps to Lusty, awaiting their arrival. And another surprise! Unbeknown to Vicki, Nick had arranged for a classic VW van to drive them from their holiday lodgings in Mawgan Porth - the only way to travel in Cornwall and DEFINITELY the only way to arrive at Lusty!

After many photos, we all made our way down the cliffside to the venue, and depending how many children you were carrying, some people took longer than others. Inside, the woodburner was lit, the sparkly lights twinkling from the rafters, and before too long “Grow Old With Me” by Tom Odell was the cue for Vicki to make her entrance with Dad Mike, to meet Nick who was patiently waiting, supported by best man Mark.

The theme of family was strong throughout the ceremony, with many references to Nick and Vicki’s wonderful daughter Indie, who was included in the vows and also in the final blessing, and whose behaviour was impeccable for the entirety of the proceedings. And, mindful of the importance of family, I invited Steve to help tell the story of Nick and Vicki’s meeting, which he did skilfully and thoughtfully through a beautiful piece of prose and a poem which he wrote himself, and which later descended into a rather rowdy rendition of “Sweet Caroline” with lyrics adapted to reflect our couple and our setting!

Our final surprise was a hand-tying, for which the guests had chosen colours they felt most represented the characteristics in Nick and Vic’s relationship - but they had not been told why they were selecting them. One by one they were called forward and presented with a ribbon in their chosen colour, to bind one family to the other, and as they did so, they exchanged heartfelt wishes and kisses with our couple. And once the ten ribbons were tied, their vows were made to one another and the wedding rings exchanged. For such an intimate and meaningful ceremony, it was inevitable there were going to be a few tears, and we had to take a collective deep breath during Nick’s pledges to Vicki …. it’s certainly a moment I won’t forget for a while.

Nick, Vicki and their family went on to enjoy the rest of the afternoon on the beach, before a private dining experience at Lusty, and a few days of R and R for the whole family, who stayed on in Cornwall until the end of the week. Vicki very kindly posted on Instagram:

Lisa thank you so much for making our day so special. A legend from start to finish, you brought our vision to life – with a few more tears than planned! It was amazing to finally meet you on real life and we are so grateful to have found you.

What a truly memorable way to conclude our 2021 season of weddings ! And, if you’d like to, you can read Nick and Vicki’s review in full here

Huge thanks to Debs Alexander for her truly stunning photographs – and to Nick and Vic for sharing them with us.

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