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Real life wedding: Sam and Paul

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Sam and Paul’s relaxed and fun wedding ceremony was held at The Big Beautiful Beach House on Saturday 28 May 2022...

…. And it was a ceremony which celebrated the connection between these two laid back adventurers and Rat Race fanatics, but simultaneously revealed a seriously romantic side to each of them!

We’re not sure you can go too wrong with a wedding at the stunning venue of The Big Beautiful Beach House at Porthpean - with its old fashioned charm, uninterrupted views over the ocean, and acres of tranquil gardens just above the beach – these are the most impressive of surroundings, and the perfect place to book for a chilled-out, family-friends-and fun oriented weekend of celebrations.

Which is exactly what Sam and Paul wanted! Especially as they were on wedding attempt number 3 – another of our couples who had patiently endured several postponements, but sometimes these things really do prove to be worth the wait! Working with Sam and Paul was a blast from start to finish; the chats we had were always filled with fun, laughter and some fantastic anecdotes. So crafting their ceremony was such a joy, and as is so often the way, was only challenging when deciding which funny stories to omit! So we were delighted to get the feedback:

We both absolutely love it! And words cannot express how much we appreciate that you just got us from the get-go!

Awesome news, because we felt the same way! Sometimes it works even better than you can hope for. Fast forward a few weeks, and the day of the ceremony arrived, with skies so blue, and a sea so still you could be forgiven for thinking we were in the Caribbean. Friends and family were enjoying the sunshine on the lawns, Paul and best man/son Jonny were hosting arrivals, while Sam and her daughters Gaby and Imogen, and son Lutin, were all getting ready in the house.

When the moment came, Sam was perfectly on time and descended the beautiful staircase, joining us on the lawns in the warmth of the afternoon. Accompanied by the most creative choice of entrance music played by Scott on guitar – Beautiful Trauma by Pink – revealing Sam’s cheeky sense of humour! And as you can see, she and Paul looked incredible, the perfectly matched couple in so many ways.

Image taken by Gary Moger

And unsurprisingly, there were quite a few emotional moments, from the very beginning when Sam’s Dad Michael escorted her to be joined with Paul, and particularly when Paul made his vows to Sam, the beautifully written words might have caused his eyes to leak a little.. But there were lots of laughs and smiles too…remembering their fiery first encounter, then a truly romantic first date, a marriage proposal in which they were nearly blown off a mountain and many happy memories of cycling, climbing, hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking and running together. The overwhelming feeling was one of joy and great happiness as these two tied the knot at last, in the company of their closest family and friends.

Image taken by Gary Moger

Sam and Paul were back at work only a couple of days after their ceremony, but they kindly sent us this note:

From our initial conversations, it was always clear we were on to a winner and we had made the right decision. You have such an amazing ability to understand who we are as individuals and as a couple. We were floored at how right you got it! Thank you again ever so much for being such a key part of our very special day - we really cannot thank you enough for taking our vision and making it a reality.

Ah thank YOU Mr and Mrs Smith and our warmest congratulations to you both – may your adventures together be many and full of joy.

Main image (and others as indicated) credited to photographer Gary Moger

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