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Real life wedding: Sarah and Jason

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Sarah and Jason’s wonderfully reflective, fun and heartfelt wedding ceremony was held at Camel Studio in Cornwall on Saturday 23 July 2022…

…. And it was a ceremony celebrating the greatest of love stories, a relationship spanning over 20 years and two people who were made for each other.

Without wishing to sound too dramatic, from time to time we feel incredibly lucky when a couple comes along whom we feel we were destined to write for! And that’s how it was with Sarah and Jason, two people we understood perfectly, and who had the most wonderful story to share. There was so much about them we loved – how their eyes locked the very first time they saw one another, just as Jason ran for (and missed) the bus which Sarah was travelling on; how on that very first night out together, clubbing as teenagers, their personalities instantly clicked and they couldn't stop smiling; how that together they quickly discovered work was definitely not the most important thing in life and they would go on to share a passion for travel and adventure… This is a couple who have lived, and continue to live, life to the full – Team Sarah and Jason, best friends and soulmates, happiest when backpacking, exploring, diving, chilling on awesome beaches, watching incredible sunrises and walking under beautiful skies, seeing the world with their most favourite person by their side. That was all they wanted out of life. But when they decided they couldn’t keep travelling forever, they were drawn to settle down in picture perfect Padstow, where they could still feel the sand beneath their toes and watch the sunset over the sea… And it was on a beach not far from Padstow that Jason organised the most romantic of proposals, complete with a picnic hamper, champers and lots of rose petals, not forgetting one very special and meaningful engagement ring hidden in a mussel shell. Which brings us to their most joyful wedding day at Camel Studio, a venue we particularly love. The day of the ceremony arrived, and after weeks of warm and balmy weather, Cornwall was its unpredictable summer self, with rain clouds threatening and quite a breeze moving through the Camel Valley. We arrived to the venue in good time to meet all the guests, and witness Jason’s beaming smile in person (as Sarah says, always the first thing you notice about Jason!) – who was clearly in his element among friends and family on this very happy day. It’s always so wonderful to get to meet people you’ve heard so much about in the lead-up to a ceremony, in this case, Jason’s sister Chantelle, who was one of Sarah’s oldest friends, and partly responsible for our couple meeting as fresh-faced 18 year olds! And Sarah’s Grandad Mick, who was so delighted to be in attendance and playing an important part in the celebrations. Along with Sarah’s sister Danielle and her niece Lily (also residents of Padstow and with whom Jason and Sarah enjoy so much fun) and Jason’s niece Ayla, who was looking forward to being a flower girl alongside Lily.

As the ceremony began, Jason waited patiently for his bride, supported by best man Andy, and with the widest of smiles Sarah walked down the aisle with Grandad Mick, who was brimming with pride at this most long awaited moment. This was a relaxed and informal ceremony, with much laughter and fun, the chance to enjoy and reflect on Sarah and Jason’s growth as individuals and a couple, and who, as we observed, were like two peas in a pod; a couple with kind, generous and adventurous souls, who complement each other wonderfully and bring out the very best in each other.

Not even a heavy rain shower mid-ceremony could put a damper on things! We all raced for cover, laughing and shrieking, just about gaining our composure for the exchange of wedding vows and wedding rings, and much cheering and clapping as we presented the newly weds to their friends and family!

We received this wonderful review from Sarah and Jason:

From the moment we met Lisa we knew that we had made the right decision to book her for our wedding. She was instantly warm, engaging and had a great knack at extracting all the details of our lives together and the lead up to the big day. So much so that when her first draft reading came in we didn’t feel the need to make any changes. It was perfect, loving, humorous and she had captured our journey and personalities perfectly.
When the big day arrived, she was there early and her calmness helped to dis-spell my nerves. She spoke to our guests and paid particular attention introducing herself to our closest family members. The reading was clear and warm and she made everybody feel part of our story. She absolutely made our ceremony, it was full of love and laughter and we can’t thank her enough.”

Sarah and Jason – we LOVED writing and leading your ceremony. Thank you so much for asking us – you are one couple we will always remember very fondly! All photography by Amy Evans.

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