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Real life wedding: Toby and B

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Toby and B’s enchanting wedding ceremony was held at Potager Gardens on Monday 9 May 2022…

…. And it was a ceremony we’ll remember for the wonderfully magical setting and a truly beautiful couple!

Meeting Toby and B was a joy – two fascinating and fun people to chat with, and having met on their second day at university 15 years ago, they were full of stories about their adventures together over the years. And best of all, they shared our love of animals, particularly the feline kind!

So it was our huge pleasure to write a ceremony in which we looked back on what Toby and B had accomplished in their years together, reliving some of the fun moments, but also their growth as a couple. And we were keen to include a reference or two (maybe even a poem!) to Toby and B’s cat Winter, whose presence would be missed on the big day.

On sending the first draft, this was the feedback:

We absolutely loved what you’ve written. Thanks so much for including all the bits about Wints… she’s very pleased to be mentioned so much :-) Thanks so much Lisa. We’re so happy with it.

Aw, these two really were super cute! We were SO looking forward to their ceremony. That day arrived and while it was a little breezy, fortunately the skies were blue when Lisa arrived at Potager. A venue which rarely hosts wedding and so we don’t visit too often, but it's one we adore: Potager was once a plant nursery and is now a project with social and environmental aims, including a veggie café, with gorgeous gardens and growing spaces, and a community resource for learning and relaxing. And Toby and B had devised the most creative ceremony space in a small woodland area, with support from The Natural Hire Company and HollyBee Flowers – it was quite a magical setting.

All images by Verity Westcott Photography

Before long the guests started to arrive, with a small contingent travelling by a distinctive vintage King Harry bus, which had to take a last minute detour due to the narrow lanes! Luckily they arrived just ahead of beautiful B, who looked nothing short of spectacular as she walked to the ceremony space, accompanied by her very proud mum, Carol, who had travelled from Ireland to be there.

(For the images below there is a little black arrow on the right to scroll through!)

What struck us about this gathering was how genuinely delighted everyone was to be there. Many of the guests hadn’t met, or if they had, hadn’t seen each other for years, or perhaps hadn’t even caught up Toby and B for a while. So there were some very long, warm and genuine hugs between folk – and that was a privilege to witness, particularly after so many months without a lot of hugging and kissing! And then as so often happens, the ceremony was over before it had begun, the highlights being listening to Toby and B make their honest promises to one another, before placing wedding rings over the wedding band tattoos that B had persuaded Toby they should have some weeks before!

Despite lovely Toby and B rushing back into their busy lives after their celebration, we received this lovely message some days after:

Dear Lisa, You were incredible on the day, made us both feel at ease and the speech you wrote for us was touching, funny and memorable. Thank you so so much.

It’s always such a privilege to write and deliver a ceremony for a couple, but this one felt extra special – an authentic ceremony from the heart delivered in a truly enchanting environment that reflected our couple so perfectly – and it was also pretty awesome to be working with some great suppliers, especially the superb Verity Westcott who has kindly supplied these photos.

Congratulations Toby and B – we really hope you’ll drop in and see us on your next trip to Falmouth!

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