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Do you really need a wedding videographer?

Back in the day, the very last thing I wanted at my own wedding was a videographer turning up to our petite venue with a massive camera, an ugly lighting rig, miles of cables. microphones and other paraphernalia – for our relatively simple and low-key wedding it would have all felt incredibly OBVIOUS.

Not to mention that I imagined the videographer would be keen to stage lots of the filming, loudly directing everyone to do this or that, making the day feel stressful and contrived. It was definitely NOT our vibe. And all to achieve some slightly clunky and possibly cringe-worthy footage that might be viewed once or twice and then relegated to the family archives.

That was over 20 years ago, and luckily these days, it’s very different. The videographers I now have the pleasure of working with usually have the most light-weight hand-held cameras you can imagine, along with discreet microphones which you can slip on the smallest of lapels. As professionals, they tend to be quiet and unassuming, mixing and mingling as if they were a guest – and more often than not they work seamlessly with the photographer to achieve some beautiful synergy - sometimes the photographer may even BE the videographer! And their goal is usually to let the day unfold naturally and organically, recording some wonderfully subtle footage that captures many of the behind the scenes moments you might otherwise miss, as well as those big stand-out moments you want a lasting memory of.

And the style of wedding videos has changed dramatically now too. No longer do we see a multitude of cheesy interviews, dull posed scenes, and awkward transitions; these have been replaced by a much more cinematic and creative feel, with the videographer often taking advantage of gorgeous scenery and surroundings to emphasise the romance, emotion and drama of the day. Or sometimes films might be more journalistic and documentary in style, with the videographer working unobtrusively to quietly capture the day as it unfolds. But chatting to our couples, we’ve discovered there are usually two main reasons they decide not to book a videographer. The first is the cost. And price is always a thorny subject in wedding planning! But professionals DO cost money – especially those who need to invest lots of time pre- or post-wedding; either preparing for many hours in advance (like us celebrants do!) or editing work for many, many hours after (hats off to all photographers and videographers!).

We always think it depends on your priorities. Some couples are more focused on creating the perfect guest experience – the photo booth, the garden games, the sweet carts, the cigar bar, the casino… Others will prioritise their photography and videography, because capturing their day on film and reliving all those happy moments in the years to come is more important to them than a few hours of giant Jenga. So if you decide you do want a videographer, like most things in life, you only really get what you pay for, and it’s most likely that the more you invest, the more experienced and skilled your supplier will be. But that’s not to say you can’t tailor video to your budget - perhaps you don’t want all day coverage or drone footage? Maybe the full package of teaser, highlight, feature film, full documentary and ceremony edit isn’t for you? Could it be that your videographer has a payment plan – or even discounts - to make it more affordable? The second reason we hear that couples are not always keen to book a wedding videographer – and one which we fully relate to – is that most people are pretty self-conscious and they hate the thought of seeing themselves on film, and/or listening to the sound of their own voice. The videographers we’ve worked with are SO good at addressing this: getting to know you in advance of your big day so you feel totally relaxed in their presence, then being completely discreet and unobtrusive on the day, and finally ensuring the editing process only reflects what you, the client, wants. Plus – your video is going to feature you looking absolutely gorgeous (it’s your big day, after all!) – along with all your favourite people, being themselves, laughing, crying, having fun as they celebrate your most important day with you. In our book, that’s worth capturing on film. But hey – don’t take our word for it! We had a chat with award winning videographer Sean Hodge to find out his thoughts. And he put them down in a short film for your viewing pleasure!

So there you have it, a few tips as to why booking a videographer for your big day can be a really good idea.

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