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Help with planning a more sustainable wedding celebration

If you need help planning your big day and keeping it sustainable, then you’ve come to the right place! This month, guest bloggers from 77 Diamonds are providing their words of wisdom in planning a sustainable, zero waste, ethical wedding.

And of course, this is something here at Celebrant in Cornwall we embrace with open arms. The climate crisis is a sharp reminder that we all need to be doing our bit and adopting as many green practices as possible, and when you’re planning a wedding, not only will you be doing your bit for the planet, but saving money in the process.

So whether you are thinking about sustainability, zero waste or making more ethical purchases, here is an overview of how you can make some more thoughtful and eco-friendly decisions.

"Everyone loves a wedding – with good food, music and friends and family all coming together to celebrate love and unity. But often, weddings don’t show much love towards the environment. The amount of waste from a typical wedding can be shocking, and for many eco-conscious couples, it’s important to factor sustainability into their special day.

Plastic is typically the biggest sustainability offender at weddings. Many of the decorations, favours, stationery and miscellaneous accessories used will come in single-use, non-recyclable plastic packaging if not sourced from a responsible supplier. Individually, one wedding can produce as much as 20kg of plastic waste. What’s more, the black bags used to collect the rubbish can take as many as 90 years to break down under the ground.

Reports suggest that 4,910 tonnes of unrecyclable plastic was used up and left behind at British weddings last year. That’s the equivalent to 47 Blue Whales. Food wastage is also a common problem with most weddings, with around £500 of food being wasted per wedding. To put this into context, the average family home will throw away roughly £700 in food in one year. In other words, a few hours at one wedding can account for 65% of a home’s wastage across an entire year.

With so many elements to consider, fortunately there are numerous alternatives to help create a planet-friendly wedding. Choosing ethical, conflict-free rings, and organic, low-impact flowers alongside sustainable wedding stationery and an eco-friendly venue will go a long way to reducing the carbon footprint of your day.

But where to start? Our guide to creating sustainable, zero-waste, ethical weddings can help couples through every step of planning their special day so that it has a big impact in all the right ways. With plenty of well-researched tips and advice, this guide will outline everything you need to have an eco-friendly wedding.”

We definitely recommend a read of the guide, it covers the additional topics of bridal attire, travel and transport, earth-friendly gifts, suppliers, budgeting and so much more. Here’s to all of us making greener wedding choices!

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