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Photographers – getting the right fit

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Over the years, I have worked with many, many photographers...

I've worked with photographers on projects ranging from complex shoots for print and web design, to photojournalism, sporting and major event coverage, of course, weddings. And generally, I really love working with photographers! More often than not, they are creative, imaginative, have an eye for detail, as well as being patient, flexible and passionate about what they do. (Hey, I think I just described my perfect partner!)

But certainly in my marketing experiences, it has always worked out for the best when I have had the opportunity to choose the photographer myself, because I very much believe it’s all in the fit – not just in terms of the right match for the job, but the right match for me, personally.

And if you’re booking a photographer for your wedding day, it’s quite possible you’re going to be spending more time with them than you are some of your closest friends, so making sure you choose someone who is the right fit for you is almost as important as choosing someone whose style, experience and budget suits your celebration.

I have officiated at a couple of weddings where the photographers were quite memorable. And not for the right reasons! The ones that spring to mind were often bossy, grumpy, arrogant or just downright unpleasant. The ones who simply didn’t seem to ‘get’ that they were capturing the most important day for their couple. The ones who barked instructions, jumped up to shoot at inappropriate moments and generally made folk feel like they were in the way. Yes, they might have the most amazing portfolio in the world, but if they are rude, disorganised, with terrible people skills and/or poor listening skills, I am afraid I don’t care how great their photography is!

I have also officiated at weddings, where the photographers are simply a joy to work with. The ones who connect and engage, who are polite, fun to be around, energetic, positive, thoughtful, adaptable, confident, and who communicate effectively – I LOVE them! And those are the photographers who appear to get on like a house on fire with not just the happy couple but everyone in the room – which is half the battle, as any photographer knows.

Anyway, having worked with a few photographers recently, I thought you might be interested in my take on the subject. Plus it’s an excellent reason to give a shout-out to David King, who kindly permitted me to use his wedding photography on my website. David is someone who I consider to be the perfect personality for wedding photography, as well as being an exceptionally skilled and creative photographer. He ticks all the boxes in my ‘must-have’ list. Who else would I have trusted with my own wedding photos 20 years ago?! Head on over to his website if you’d like to find out more. And good luck with finding the right fit for your ceremony!

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