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Real life wedding: Jodie and Hayden

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Jodie and Hayden’s wedding celebration was at Beacon Crag on Tuesday 15 June 2021...

…. and what an incredibly romantic and dreamy day it was!

Jodie and Hayden’s wonderful beachy elopement took place during a spell of stunning weather, with temperatures in the early 20s. And when they should have in fact been marrying in Mauritius, they had to pinch themselves that actually Cornwall was a rather good alternative!

Jodie got in touch with me exactly one month before the date of their ceremony. With three postponed dates under their belts, she and Hayden were determined not to be thwarted by Boris’ ever-changing plans. They had secured a Sunday date for a small register office wedding in their hometown in Derbyshire, to be followed by a family barbecue, and the very next day they would be in Cornwall, in the gloriously picturesque location of Porthleven.

A month before IS very close – normally I really enjoy the process of getting to know my couples over a period of time, with the luxury of drafting and honing a ceremony over months and not weeks – but if COVID has taught us anything, it’s to seize the moment! Plus an elopement really is one of my favourite ceremonies (I even offer a little discount, as I love them so much!) because there is nothing more intimate than it being just about the couple, with me feeling massively privileged to be the only one witness to this most special moment

So we moved quickly with phone calls, emails and video exchanges, and it was with great joy that I wrote a very meaningful ceremony, which made Jodie cry on the first reading! A ceremony that was deeply personal to the both of them, including highly emotional vows, a handtying with a beautiful cord made especially to Jodie’s design, and the exchange of wedding bands which had sadly been stored in their boxes for way too long!

The venue – well, that was also out of this world. Beacon Crag is a hidden gem, a luxury B & B set within five acres of private cliff top grounds and with its own access to the sea and rocky coves below. The views from the terrace gardens are just breathtaking, and it really is the most wildly romantic setting for an elopement, proposal or wedding. We all felt incredibly lucky that the weather was kind and it was serendipitous that Jodie and Hayden could eventually achieve their dream of becoming husband and wife in such a magnificent location, with the added bonuses of wild swimming in the morning, and watching the sunset from their balcony in the evening.

Highlights were without a doubt the sun smiling on all of us as we climbed down the craggy cliffs, the sound of the waves the only accompaniment to my words, the sight of Jodie welling up quite early on in the proceedings, Hayden looking at her with such pride on his face, and me being a quiet and honoured witness to their beautiful promises to one another. Oh and when right after the ceremony, a cheeky little bee sought out Jodie’s bouquet and lingered there for a sweet drink – that was very good karma, I thought!

Jodie and Hayden then went onto enjoy several more days of travelling in Cornwall, soaking up the sights and sunshine with their lovely little pup Bella. And sent me this sweet email during their travels:

Thank you so so much for being part of our special day - it was amazing! We couldn’t have chosen someone any more suited to us. The ceremony was just perfect.

My thanks to my gorgeous couple for sharing their wedding with me (and allowing me to share it with you!) and also to Jo and Patrick at Enchanted Brides for these wonderful images of Jodie and Hayden post-ceremony! (Well - it was a super-hot day!)

You can read the short review from Jodie and Hayden here ;-)

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