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Real life wedding: Kayleigh and Sam

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Kayleigh and Sam’s wonderfully rustic wedding ceremony was held at Nancarrow Farm on Thursday 2 September 2021…

…. And it was a ceremony full of emotion and sentiment, and an incredibly good looking couple!

I first spoke with Kayleigh 15 days before her and fiancé Sam’s ceremony was due to take place – this was yet another couple in that tricky position of being let down at the very last moment. Yet lovely Kayleigh was incredibly calm and pragmatic about it. Once we’d chatted and I’d assured her she was in safe hands, she said she was happy if I could deliver even the most simple of ceremonies, given the two week turnaround, oh and that I was due to be on holiday for one of those weeks!

But here at Celebrant in Cornwall we don’t cut corners – we believe that every couple deserves a fully personalised, bespoke and meaningful ceremony, hopefully one that will raise a few laughs as well as prompt a few tears - and that was very much what I planned to deliver! So we worked incredibly quickly on discussing the content in order for me to write a ceremony that I hoped they would be delighted with.

I sent the draft with my breath held, and Kayleigh and Sam got back to me straight away:

Thank you for sending this through. It's pretty much perfect.

Phew! Happy clients meant I could have a little holiday after all.

The day of the ceremony came and I was so happy to be returning to Nancarrow, a venue I hadn’t visited for some time given the chaos of the last 18 months, but I was always delighted by the beautiful surroundings and excellent hosting. On arrival I met met Sam and his four very charming groomsmen, along with Sam’s parents – I do love the chance to chat informally with guests ahead of a ceremony.

As ever, Nancarrow looked dreamy. A stylish crescent moon arch was the focal point of the barn - supplied by The Youngest Child with Pampas grass and wild flower additions from Twigs and Greens, assisted by florist Louise Murley. The weather was mild, the sun gently peeking through the clouds – a perfect September wedding day.

I then headed off to the bridal suite to meet Kayleigh and her entourage, including Mum, younger brother, little sister and four bridesmaids, Lisa, Megan, Ruby, and Sophia. And oh my gosh, they all looked so spectacular! And their greeting was so warm, I felt truly welcome. It was at this point I wanted to have a quiet word with Jayden, Kayleigh’s brother about the very important role of accompanying his sister up the aisle.

This young man – well, he blew me away. Just 12 years old, he was so courteous and full of smiles, he knew exactly what he had to do and what he had to say, and explained that his part would conclude with giving his big sister a kiss and shaking the hand of his future brother-in-law. My smile was way, way broader than usual after that particular conversation!

And then as so often happens, time has sped past and it is time to start. Sam stood quietly at the front with me and his men, while the barn doors gently opened and everyone turned to watch the entrance of the bridal party. Apart from the soothing words of Over the Rainbow, you really could hear a pin drop. Kayleigh’s smile lit up the room, rivalled only by that of her brother, which prompted a few happy tears - certainly from Mums and the maids, and maybe me!

The ceremony itself went like a dream, with the wonderful addition of readings from three of the bridesmaids, of elegant and unusual pieces which Kayleigh had chosen herself. The highlight was undoubtedly the emotional and expressive vows Kayleigh and Sam had written for one another, rings were exchanged and we had a certificate signing with the Mums as witnesses – who joined hands on their way to the signing table, which made my eyes twinkle again.

I loved this ceremony! For me, it was absolutely as ceremonies should be – 100% from the heart, and it’s this belief which inspired my business from the beginning and still does today. My only regret was not meeting Kayleigh and Sam earlier – I would have loved to have been on this journey with them a little longer, but I think we crammed quite a bit of getting to know each other into a short space of time!

A few days after, Kayleigh sent me this email:

THANK YOU, thank you, thank you!

Thank you so much for agreeing to be our celebrant at such short notice. The ceremony was everything we wanted and more! We had so many comments from guests saying how perfect and "us" it was. One of my bridesmaids said she definitely wants you as her celebrant when she gets married next year.... and another "older" guest asked if you do funerals haha!

That made me smile! And yes, one of the bridesmaids has been in touch! And no, I don’t do funerals!

If you’d like to read Kayleigh and Sam’s full review – you can here And I just wanted to say an extra thank you to Andrew George Photography for sharing his wonderful images – how awesome is this guy?!

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