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Real life wedding: Lauren and Craig

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Lauren and Craig’s long-awaited beachy wedding ceremony was held at Lusty Glaze on Tuesday 26 April 2022…

…. And it was a ceremony to celebrate the couple marrying on a much smaller scale the year before, and boy, did they make the very most of their Lusty Glaze wedding! Laid back couple Lauren and Craig had their legal ceremony booked for Lusty Glaze back in April 2020, and like so many couples, due to lockdown found themselves postponing to the following year. But as we moved into 2021, it became clear that only very small ceremonies would be permitted in the late Spring, and so not wanting to wait any longer, Lauren and Craig decided that they would complete the legal paperwork in their local register office, and keep their fingers crossed for 2022… And this has been their year! The opportunity to celebrate their legal status with a celebrant-led ceremony and their friends and family all around them, in a place they love the most. Lauren and Craig wanted a sentimental and personalised ceremony but also something a bit funny and light-hearted - quite different to the legal register office ceremony they’d had some months earlier! After getting to know the two of them, it was our great pleasure to create exactly that. And here was Lauren’s response to the first draft:

Oh Lisa it’s absolutely amazing - I’m a blubbing mess!! You’ve captured the tone so perfectly and it’s literally like our little story!! WE LOVE it! Thank you so much xx

Haha – we have a knack of getting to know our couples pretty well in a short space of time, but we’re always so delighted when we nail it!! And in the background, we were swapping emails with Lauren and Craig’s readers, choosing some perfect pieces with which to surprise them on the day. Lauren and Craig were so happy that Lusty Glaze could accommodate their wedding two years on from their original booking; it is also one of our favourite venues, which we used to visit a lot when Lisa was a ceremony officer/registrar for the local council, but we’ve only been there once or twice as independent celebrants. And on those more recent occasions, it’s been such a breath of fresh air to throw off the solemnity and shackles of legal obligation and do exactly what we want in a celebrant-led ceremony! Plus Lusty Glaze is such an incredible place, great hosts, a private beach with the most stunning views and a reputation for some of the best sunsets on the north coast.

All photos by Paul Fox of Albion Row

The day of the ceremony arrived, and although only April, it was a scorcher of a day, but with a lovely sea breeze. Craig and the guests were making the most of the great weather and enjoying pre-ceremony drinks on the beach, which gave celebrant Lisa a chance to catch up with the key players, including Lauren’s wonderful Grandad - who was one of the guests to live locally in Cornwall and he was feeling particularly proud to be in attendance. And you’ll notice there were so many doggies! And so well dressed too! And they were all superbly behaved! Including Lauren and Craig’s super-cute little dog Henry.

With the guests all on good form and settled in their seats, the bridal party made their entrance – and when Lauren arrived, the floodgates pretty much opened all round. Lovely Craig and Grandad were among the first to set everyone else off; it really was such an emotional moment to see Lauren accompanied by her Mum Debbie - and her five bridesmaids and two flowergirls - it took a while for us all to compose ourselves! And then we launched into our joyful story of these two meeting, with observations about the merits of Tinder and trying to estimate someone’s height from their profile photo, a dreamy trip down memory lane, and a wonderful account of a very romantic wedding proposal in Thailand. Not forgetting two brilliant readings from Laura and Jill (who cried throughout!) and also Andy, who had everyone in stitches.

And before the ceremony drew to a close, Lauren and Craig pledged new wedding vows to one another (there might have been a few more tears) and with the help of the best men, re-exchanged their rings, this time in front of ALL their friends and family and to a huge round of applause. We were so so happy for them!!

Not long after their big day, Lauren posted this very kind review:

Lisa was absolutely fantastic! From the first time I contacted her until the day of our wedding, we couldn’t have asked for anything more. She captured us as a couple so perfectly and pitched the ceremony brilliantly. It was so much more personal than a legal ceremony and everyone commented on how great it was. Lisa’s words were the perfect balance of sentimental and light humoured, which made the ceremony so enjoyable and memorable. Thank you so so much!! Lauren and Craig xx

This was such a pleasure for us, so we have to send thanks right back at you Lauren and Craig! And it was the first time we’d worked with wonderful Paul from Albion Row (and we’ve since had two more ceremonies with him this year – he’s now on our new dream team of suppliers!) – and we can’t recommend him highly enough. And look, even the sunset delivered on Lauren and Craig’s day….

Thank you Lauren and Craig, we’re so happy you got to enjoy the day you always wanted and we wish you much love and happiness.

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