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Real life wedding: Rob and Amber

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Amber and Rob’s clifftop wedding ceremony was held in the gardens of a beach house overlooking the Atlantic ocean on Saturday 4 September 2021…

…. And it was a ceremony which will be long remembered for stunning weather, spectacular scenery and two very special soulmates.

In 2019 I moved to Bude for the summer, a wonderful place if you love life by the sea. I would spend much of my free time walking along the cliffs, down onto the glorious Summerleaze beach, onto Crooklets, and then up to Northcott and sometimes beyond. And on my sandy travels, I would often stop and gaze up at the beautiful blue beach house high up on the cliffs thinking, “I bet the views from that house are amazing. What a gorgeous location for a holiday – but even better – a wedding!”

Fast forward three months, and luckily someone else agreed with me! Amber’s message popped into my mailbox:

We’ve always imagined saying our vows in Cornwall overlooking the sea and that’s where we hope you can come in! It’s important for us to find somebody we can feel comfortable with, who has a positive aura about them and can help keep the chilled feel to our wedding day. We’ve literally scanned your website and instagram to make sure, but we’re positive that this is you!!

And that was one of those truly serendipitous moments - which prompted a little skippy dance around the kitchen. But it wasn’t until the booking form came along a little later that I saw the name of the venue – and it clicked – and I very excitedly and happily decided these were kindred spirits indeed, and this was more than meant to be.

Working together proved to be great – very easy-going and stress-free, we talked at length about Rob and Amber’s journey and time together. This ceremony would be fun, relaxed and happy, and as I got to know my couple better, I realised it would be really emotional too! Rob and Amber felt they didn’t want any particular additions to their wedding ceremony, no rituals or readings, but I did ask if they would trust me in finding something which suited them perfectly – and this I did by collaborating with best friend, Ali. Between us we decided on a short reading that cleverly reflected the significance of Minnie, their super-cute puppy – from the value of unconditional love to the need to live in the moment, and most importantly, not forgetting to enjoy the ride along the way.

All set, I arrived at beautiful Northcott on the first Saturday in September, with the sun shining and the temperature climbing in to the mid 20s. Rob and Amber had worked incredibly hard to create the perfect and most stylish setting for their celebration, and it all felt beautifully relaxed and comfortable, chatting with Rob and friends and family in the garden while Amber and the bridal party got ready in the beach house.

And before we knew it, the guests were seated enjoying the incredible views of the ocean, Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling in Love with You was playing over the speakers, and Amber’s bridesmaids walked out into the garden, followed by Amber with Dad Ian. Rob’s face was simply a picture as he gazed upon his stunning bride; Amber was radiant, but as cool and collected as ever, and as she took Rob’s hand, you could see his nerves start to ease a little. Having taken a breath and a moment to consider our wonderful surroundings, we then revelled in the story of their meeting and the big proposal, we listened to Ali’s brilliant reading, and then Rob and Amber read their own vows and promises to one another, for which there were tears a-plenty. Lovely Minnie happily presented the rings with a helping hand from bridesmaid Becky – and the deal was finally sealed with an emotional kiss.

This really was a poignant experience, and the dreamy setting had certainly added to the magic and romance of the ceremony – so a very good reason for the three of us to have a group hug afterwards!

Rob sent me this message a few days after:

Thank you so much! We are so grateful for you being such a big part of our day. It has been such an emotional journey – you really set us both at ease, mainly me! I would have been a blubbering mess otherwise. It was amazing and the best day of both of our lives. We wish you all the best and hope (know) you will impact many more couples’ lives just as much as ours!

What kind words :-)

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