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Real life wedding: Lindsay and Tom

Lindsay and Tom’s intimate wedding ceremony was held at the beautifully chic Treseren on Saturday 7 August 2021…

Images courtesy of Chris Armstrong

…. And it was a ceremony complete with Scottish heritage, romantic poetry and dreamy vows!

Lindsay and Tom contacted me after the postponement of their big celebratory ceremony which was due to be held in November 2020 …. and they had arrived at the decision that a smaller event with their closest family and friends in their beloved Cornwall would be perfect.

They had chosen Treseren for their wedding weekend – regular readers might remember me writing about Treseren some time ago, and since then it has simply gone from strength to strength, earning a reputation (and many awards) as the ultimate location for those couples looking for a stylish and elegant petite wedding venue. It’s certainly one of my favourites!

In planning the ceremony, Lindsay and Tom had requested something heartfelt, fun-loving and down to earth – all words which equally described our couple! We conversed by email and video over a period of months to get to know each other, and I loved learning all about their courtship which had brought them to Cornwall on numerous occasions, including for Lindsay’s work, and for the all-important proposal.

On the wedding day, it was a delight to arrive to the gentle hum of everyone enjoying drinks in the garden, while the lovely cellist Kath Williams played softly in the background. Lindsay and Tom’s family and friends were friendly and welcoming, and it was a pleasure to have a little time to say hello ahead of the ceremony. I was delighted to see so many of them wearing their respective family tartans, including Lindsay’s Dad Dugal, as well as Tom and his entourage! It was lovely to also have a few moments with Tom’s Mum Angie, who would be reading us a beautiful piece called For Marriage by John O’Donohue. A poet herself, she went on to read this beautifully, of course!

Then it was time to meet Lindsay in the gorgeous bridal suite; she looked stunning, serene and full of joy – and brought a few tears to the eyes of all those present. Accompanied by maid of honour Marissa, Dugal escorted Lindsay from the house along the lavender lined pathway to the very pretty covered terrace where Tom and the guests awaited, while Kath played the aptly chosen Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley.

As they took their places together, the affection and warmth for Tom and Lindsay really was tangible; it was one of those rare and unique occasions I love to witness, when every guest is caught fully in the moment. I’d selected words for the ceremony to reflect the couple’s relationship in all its authenticity – and really enjoyed including the poignant handtying featuring both family tartans, with three promises made and three knots tied to represent each of the families. Our couple then spoke their own vows to one another, beckoning a few more happy tears, and it was a privilege for me to finally present them to their guests as husband and wife.

And just at the moment, as Kath started playing Here Comes The Sun – so it did! Lindsay and Tom were blessed with a warm and sunny afternoon for their champagne reception and celebrations which lasted way into the evening and the next day.

I loved this ceremony; it was brimming with love and energy, and coupled with the magical reading, the meaningful handtying and personalised promises, it all felt so incredibly right.

Lindsay said afterwards:

It really was the happiest of days, made so by your affable, conscientious and caring nature – thank you!

Thank you Lindsay and Tom – it really was my great pleasure!

And, if you’d like to, you can read their review here

PS: A shout out to working with some of my favourite suppliers on this gorgeous event, of course the wonderful team at Treseren, but also White Radish catering and the lovely Chris Armstrong Photography. A delight to work with, as always.

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