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A shout out to wedding photographers!

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Towards the end of what has been the craziest year ever (well, last year was also crazy, but for completely different reasons!) I’ve been having an absolute ball meeting and working with some LOVELY people.

Kayleigh and Sam courtesy of Andrew George Photography

Of course, I include my couples and their friends and families in this statement – but after the year of solitude we all experienced, it’s been just wonderful getting back to working with other wedding suppliers, especially those who make the gig go so much more smoothly. One of the team who I think always works exceptionally hard is the photographer – while most of my work is done before I even arrive at a wedding, their long day is just starting, plus of course there will be many, many more hours spent selecting and editing the perfect shots for our couple.

So it struck me this week that it’s time to give a big shout out to wedding photographers! And while there is a multitude of photographers whose work I love, and goodness knows there are now so many of them out there, I wanted to give a mention to a few I’ve worked with recently and who made my day all the better because of it. These guys rock!

Andrew George – how did I not know about this guy until this year? He is just AWESOME! Super easy to work with, he is the perfect fit with a similarly confident but chilled out collection of suppliers, and man, his photos are simply gorgeous – he has a special talent of getting the very best out of every couple. I just love his work. Definitely check him out - there is no way you will not fall in love.

Nancarrow wedding by Andrew George

Thomas Frost – this chap is on my DREAM TEAM list – I am always so happy to work with him. We’ve got three dates in the diary this year and every time one is coming up, I know that it’s gonna be an awesome day! Incredibly easy going but absolutely on it in every way – and rather outrageously, he is the most brilliant videographer too. Don’t miss his aerial work – it’s out of this world.

Kate and Joe courtesy of Thomas Frost

Sofie Michelle - oh a sweetheart! And her portfolio is A-MA-ZING! We both worked on a wonderfully intimate wedding this year, and when I say intimate, we were in a pretty cosy space - which is never easy for photographers – and you wouldn’t have known she was even there! So discreet, totally charming and such a gorgeous nature – I can’t wait to work with her again. Check out her photos!!

Charlotte Atherton and I really LOVE working together! It’s like a well-oiled machine. Charlotte is ridiculously talented individual – her photos never, ever fail to disappoint, and she works like a trooper to get the best images, turning them around with incredible speed. Reliable, kind, friendly and professional – she’s another one I always look forward to working with.

Sam and Jon courtesy of Charlotte Atherton

We’ve also really enjoyed working with Sarah and Jon from Lyra & Moth this year – an exceptionally relaxed couple who get the dreamiest of photos - do have a look at their site – and also Andy from UGotTheLove – this guy’s work is just ace – he’s hugely experienced and great fun too.

Tori and Alex courtesy of UGotTheLove

That’s just the tip of the iceberg – apologies to all the wonderful photographers I haven’t (yet) mentioned. I will add you as I remember! And there are lots of new faces I really look forward to working with next year!

BUT - who would YOU recommend? And why? Let me know, the comments are OPEN! Oh, and check out an earlier blog of mine on choosing the photographer who is right for you – I hope it helps if you haven’t yet made your mind up x

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