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Real life wedding: Jade and Tom

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Jade and Tom’s relaxed, romantic and deeply happy wedding ceremony was held at Boconnion on Saturday 16 July 2022…

…. And it was a ceremony celebrating a beautiful relationship founded on love, laughter and peachy bottoms!

Tom and Jade really were the perfect match for one another – they might not have realised it when they were teenagers at college together, but in the years to follow they certainly made up for lost time! We loved working with them, they were very open and honest, kind and genuine, and truly the easiest of couples to write for. So when we sent the first draft and heard they “absolutely loved it!”, we knew we were onto a winner. With the draft complete, Tom and Jade were keen to write their own wedding vows and keep them a secret from one another – something we always encourage! – and with a few tweaks, they came up with the perfect balance of words that were wonderfully personal and meaningful, with the addition of a few lines to encompass the cheeky side of their personalities! Meanwhile, we corresponded with their two chosen readers, Tom’s sister, and Jade’s cousin all the way from New Zealand, who (unbeknown to Tom and Jade) each wrote their own unique piece for the day. Only one thing needed adding – and that was a ringbearer, for which we tentatively suggested their beautifully good natured dog Bailey – and this suggestion was readily accepted! Challenge on! The day of the wedding arrived, and we were in the midst of a mini-heatwave, with temperatures in the mid 20s, which was ideal for Tom, Jade and their guests staying on site, who had launched their weekend with a pool party and a few games of tennis. Boconnion was looking beautiful in the warm sunshine, and Caroline and her team had worked hard to ensure the venue looked perfect for the day.

Once the guests were seated, Tom and his best men and three groomsmen waited patiently for Jade and her party to arrive. With live music provided by the very talented John Adams, he played an original song Million Lives as the bridesmaids, page boy and flowergirl entered, followed by the bride and her father. Whether it was down to the beautifully sung words, the first sight of Jade in her gorgeous gown, or even the high pollen count, there might have been a few tears as our beautiful couple met and stood in front of their guests ready to start their ceremony!

And then we enjoyed reliving some of Tom and Jade’s happiest moments, from their first date, to the joys of moving in together, a rather impressive proposal story and some fabulous memories from all their years as a couple. Cousin Tamara wowed us with most incredible reading of her self-penned poem “How Love is Like a Cornish Pasty”, while Amy’s beautiful reading took inspiration from “He’s Not Perfect” – a nod to their family’s love of Bob Marley.

Then following those beautifully written personal wedding vows, which prompted a few more tears alongside some giggles, came another moment we’d all been looking forward to – the presentation of the wedding rings by Bailey the dog. And (almost) right on cue, she ran to Tom and Jade (perhaps encouraged by the best man and a treat or three) and we could at last exchange those eagerly anticipated wedding rings.

Despite heading off straight away on a much deserved honeymoon, both Tom and Jade provided feedback to us quite quickly, which was so kind of them. Tom helpfully provided this review:

Lisa is just incredible. She played such an important part in our wedding celebrations. She got to know us so well, she then wrote such a special and personalised ceremony. Lisa made our special day just that bit more special, we really can’t thank you enough!

And Jade very thoughtfully added:

We just wanted to say a massive thank you for creating us the most perfect ceremony and exceeding all our expectations. The ceremony was relaxed, romantic and light hearted which is exactly what we wanted. Thank you for helping us create our heartfelt vows and for helping Tamara and Amy with their readings. You helped make our day truly unforgettable. We can't thank you enough and wish you all the best in creating many more perfect ceremonies.

Thank you Mr and Mrs Griffiths, it was our genuine pleasure to get to know you and your friends and family; your ceremony was such fun to write and deliver, and now we wish you all the love and happiness for your years together. Keep us posted!

All photography by Dan Ward - such a nice guy to work with!

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