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Real life wedding: Nich and Paul

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Nich and Paul’s long-awaited wedding ceremony was held at The Green on Tuesday 14 September 2021…

Images by Evolve Photography

…. And it was a ceremony full of laughter, tears, love and romance!

Nich and Paul were another of my ‘rona couples – their first ceremony had been cancelled, then their second, and by the time they got to their third date, they were only able to have a simple register office ceremony with their three lovely girls in attendance, and their Mums and Dads watching from the outside.

So this date – the 2021 date – was going to be the big celebratory event they had wished for all along! But not only that, Nich and Paul wanted something that (unlike their legal ceremony) was really personal and inclusive, and which told a story. Cue Celebrant in Cornwall! :-)

We chatted, and laughed, and chatted, and laughed some more and had lots of email exchanges; given Nich and Paul’s romantic story, it really wasn’t too difficult to write the ceremony that they deserved. A tip from these two: if you are planning to propose, and want your other half to be able to choose their own engagement ring, DO NOT DO what Paul did and ‘borrow’ one of Nich’s favourite rings to present to her in lieu of the new ring, thinking she will not notice that favourite piece of jewellery is missing. She will, and it may not end as well as it did for Nich and Paul!

Back to the ceremony – and The Green looked wonderful in the September sunshine. The wedding barn was dressed charmingly, complete with rustic bunting and twinkling lights, with stunning floral décor by Anna’s Flower Barn. Nich’s artistic daughter had created all the styling, providing a very elegant and professional finish. And after days of rain, the balmy weather had everyone outside enjoying a drink and the picture-perfect views towards Caradon Hill and the moors of Bodmin.

Paul had chosen a piece of music for Nich’s entrance accompanied her Dad Phil – but it was being kept a secret from Nich! She was a bit worried it might be a shock rather than a surprise, perhaps some thrash metal, or even worse, anything by Ronan Keating, but I think on hearing the beautiful words of You Look Wonderful Tonight sung live by Conscious Club, she was quietly happy (and relieved) by Paul’s choice.

We opened with group vows from the guests, which they all responded most enthusiastically too, and then Paul’s eldest daughter read to us, explaining what she had learned about love, she had learned from the dog – with useful advice including avoid biting when a simple growl will do, and leave room in your schedule for a good nap. :-)

Then followed a little trip down memory lane, of Nich and Paul’s courtship, the big proposal and with anecdotes of their life together - which brought plenty of tears and laughs. Two of Nich’s best friends entertained us with a very characterful and apt reading of The Lovely Lovely Love Story – and that brought us to the point at which Nich and Paul made their promises to one another, this time, in front of all their friends and family.

Nich and Paul had written their own vows which they’d hoped they could add to their legal vows at the register office, but, frustratingly, weren’t allowed to do so; naturally, we included these carefully chosen words for their celebrant ceremony, and they sounded even more meaningful because Nich and Paul had waited so long to say them. I think at this point Paul had something in his eyes, because as he looked at Nich and made his vows, they went a bit red, and damp, and misty…hayfever, possibly?

Rings were exchanged, presented by Paul’s youngest daughter, there was a LOT of kissing, and soon it was time to leave this wonderful family to enjoy the rest of the party.

Nich and Paul were such fun to work with; we laughed a lot during our conversations and they were such a genuine, thoughtful and devoted couple, it was a real pleasure to write for them and support them with their big day. After their mini-moon, they dropped me a line to say:

You made our day perfect - we want to do it all over again!

And if you’d like to read Nich and Paul’s full review – you can here – can’t lie, it made me go a bit hayfevery too!

Thanks again to Mark at Evolve Photography for these wonderful photos.

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