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Can we hold our ceremony outdoors?

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

And the short answer is, YES! And if you’re considering me as your celebrant, the longer answer is, YES PLEASE!

I simply adore an open-air ceremony. There really is nothing to compare to saying your vows under the sun and the sky, surrounded by natural beauty. Some of my favourite venues where I have officiated alfresco include the fabulously green Mount Pleasant Eco Park, the glamourous Carlyon Bay Hotel, the dreamy gardens of Lamorran and the ridiculously chic Polpier in Mevagissey. And each of them have been wonderful, with glorious backdrops and deeply romantic surroundings.

But if you are having a celebrant-led ceremony, you might decide to choose an outdoor location which has even more significance to you. Some of the most popular choices coming through for 2020 include family gardens, beaches and coastal locations, lakesides, woodlands and meadows. And of course as long as you have the land-owner’s permission to use such a location, unlike hosting a ceremony in a venue, it’s likely to be free. So planning a non-venue based ceremony such as this is a clever way to keep the cost down and perhaps spend your budget on other aspects of your ceremony.

Alternatively, you might have a venue in mind where you desperately want to host your celebration, but you have been told that it does not have the permanent, fixed and licensed structure which is required to host a ceremony under. And this is sometimes the case in even the most gorgeous venues... Fear not – this is only the stipulation if you are having the legal part of your ceremony there. If you have decided to separate the legal ceremony from the celebration, you can do your paperwork at the Register Office and then have your wonderfully bespoke and personalised celebrant-led ceremony pretty much where ever you like.

Which has to be great news! Coupled with the opportunity to host your ceremony at any time of day or night, you might choose to celebrate as the sun is rising or setting in your gorgeous natural location, or wait until the stars are high in the sky for the perfect moment to say your vows. So if you are thinking of having an outdoor ceremony, I am with you all the way!

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