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Exciting new role for Lisa of Celebrant in Cornwall!

We have a little bit of news to share which is rather exciting, and might have had us dancing around the office (again)....

Photo of Lisa with Gemma and Andy by Louise Eleanor

Following over four years of running Celebrant in Cornwall and creating a fabulous team of three, Lisa is adding a new role to her portfolio - she is delighted to have been asked to join the Academy of Modern Celebrancy as a mentor to celebrants in training,

The Academy is an industry leader in training celebrants, not just in the UK but also in Europe and the US, and as part of the intensive course, students are mentored by experienced professionals to learn how to craft and deliver exceptional ceremonies.

Lisa's background means she is perfectly suited to this role. With a background in performance, marketing and training, she initially worked professionally in the theatre and then spent most of her corporate life organising high profile events, writing creative marketing materials and presenting in front of large audiences. She then moved into a more specialist role training and mentoring others to do the same, and over three years she trained over 300 individuals - many of whom have gone on to bigger and better things!

And then of course, she established Celebrant in Cornwall and has been delighted to mentor and train the team into their current roles. She says,

As a celebrant, I am completely passionate about what we do. When I started my celebrancy journey, I knew couples deserved so much more than a registrar-led ceremony could provide – but I didn’t expect that my business would grow so quickly or receive such positive feedback and support from our clients.
The success of the business is simple – we genuinely believe that couples deserve ceremonies that are brimming with personality, love and fun, and since we LOVE what we do, that shines through in every single ceremony.
And seeing my own team develop and excel in their work makes me incredibly proud. Through the Academy, I am now looking forward to supporting many others on their journeys into the exciting world of celebrant-led wedding ceremonies!

It looks like Lisa is going to busier than ever! So if you're thinking of booking her for 2024, please do get in touch, as the diary is filling up quickly :-)

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