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Hitched Wedding Awards Winners 2023!

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Celebrant in Cornwall are Hitched Wedding Awards Winners for the second year in a row! Making us one of the most recommended celebrants by newlyweds - and the only celebrants in Cornwall to receive this award twice!

Oh gosh, what lovely news to receive!

Decided by Hitched couples, the Hitched Wedding Awards highlight the wedding businesses that have provided exceptional quality of work, professionalism, flexibility and customer service. This award recognises Celebrant in Cornwall as one of the most recommended professionals by married couples. The accolade demonstrates how valued this vendor is within the sector, as so many couples they have worked with have left them positive feedback.

Hitched Wedding Awards are given to the wedding businesses with the highest amount of positive reviews across the Hitched website. We were delighted to receive an award last year, but this year's is even more special. In the words of Hitched,

After two very difficult years of the pandemic for the sector, where professionals had to halt their activity and suffered great losses, this year we can finally talk about an edition where weddings were celebrated big. The professionals have worked long hours, without weekends off and have extended the season during practically all of 2022. Therefore, above and beyond individual recognition, the celebration of the Wedding Awards 2023 seeks to serve as a tribute to all those professionals and businesses that gave everything to make the recovery of the industry a reality.

A huge thank you to all of our couples who left us fabulous feedback from their big day with us - we are truly, truly grateful x x x ❤

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