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How to choose the right celebrant for you

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

A bit like finding the perfect dress, or the right photographer, choosing your celebrant very much comes down to ‘fit’ and finding the person you feel the most comfortable and confident with.

Bride about to throw her bouquet at outdoor wedding

For this reason, it’s a good idea to chat to a few celebrants you think might suit you, and see who proves to be the ideal match. Here are my top tips of things to consider:

Are they a good communicator?

Do you like the sound of them on the telephone? Are they positive, upbeat, articulate? Are they a good listener as well as a good speaker? Do they ‘get’ your ideas, your humour, your style? Great communication skills – both written and verbal - are top of the list when you are putting your trust in a celebrant to create the ceremony you dream of. They need to be able to interpret your thoughts, ideas and the journey you have been on and translate these into a ceremony personalised just for you.

Will they be a good fit for your style of ceremony?

Your style of ceremony can be dictated by many things. What sort of tone do you want for your ceremony? Informal, fun and relaxed, or structured and traditional? Will it be outdoors, requiring someone quite happy to conduct your ceremony with the sea lapping at their ankles and the wind whipping at their hair (incidentally – my idea of heaven!) or indoors with fewer (but different) challenges? Are looking to add ritual to your ceremony – whether that might be handfasting or other symbolic gestures? Would you like to include religious or faith-based content? Are you looking for something simple and straightforward? All of these things need to be considered in finding the right celebrant for your ceremony.

Are they available?

It sounds obvious, but if you are planning a weekend ceremony in particular, popular dates will book up quickly. Plus of course, you need to allow sufficient time for the ‘getting to know you' period, phone calls and meetings, and ensuring your celebrant has everything they need to write (and revise) your ceremony in a timely fashion. Don’t leave it too late – and ask about availability mid-conversation rather than leave it until the end, just in case you have set your heart on them but they can’t do your date!

Do they have any professional training?

Although not essential, a professional qualification or training means than the celebrant has invested in their own development and is ensuring that their knowledge is the very best it can be. Having a professional network to fall back on is probably even more important if your celebrant has a disaster which prevents them from attending your ceremony. Membership of a professional organisation means they will always have a ‘buddy’ as a back-up in case of an absolute emergency.

How comfortable do you feel when speaking to them?

Having a good rapport with your celebrant is simply top of your 'must-have' list, as they may be part of your ceremony planning for a year or more. If you can find someone you feel totally comfortable with, who gives you confidence, understands your humour, gets your nerves and who will ‘have your back’, then you might just have found your perfect match with Celebrant in Cornwall.

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