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Life in lockdown…

So what’s been going on since Covid 19 put the brakes on all of our best laid plans? Are you fitter or fatter? Drinking less or drinking more? Does self-isolation leave you feeling energised or exhausted? Are you loving or loathing this new way of life?

Whatever your viewpoint, I do hope you are fit and healthy, that your friends and family are safe, and that you are managing to maintain a modicum of positivity in these very strange times. Oh and that you haven’t had a home haircut disaster. I really hope that!

Unsurprisingly, and of course sadly, top of the list for me has been supporting couples with changes to their 2020 wedding plans. What a rollercoaster it has been, with many couples dealing with the situation with level heads and a pragmatism that I am in complete admiration of, and others holding out to the last possible moment then having to make difficult and distressing decisions. My thoughts have been with each and every one of you.

And meanwhile, the industry has flexed and adapted, with examples of celebrants, photographers and videographers offering weddings from their front room to yours, via the power of video conferencing! Although I do feel quite grateful that none of my couples has requested this option – like them, I’d much rather wait for their in person all-singing, all-dancing celebrations! So to every one of my couples, and to all of you who have postponed your big day, thank you for waiting; on behalf of everyone in the wedding world, I promise you that your wedding will be all the more special having got through this crazy time in our lives.

So what else has been happening for me? Apart from working on some marketing projects for the other side of business, and tending the veggie patch with varying degrees of success (how I managed to get frost-bitten potatoes and tender juicy strawberries in the same week, I do not know!), I have been thinking long and hard as how to take Celebrant in Cornwall forward in these challenging times.

The first business change I implemented about a month ago, and regular readers will know about my ceremony writing service, which had actually been happening unofficially for a while, it just took a global health crisis to formalise this development! The second change had been a little seed of an idea for some time, and it was the combination of a chance meeting with the right person, and an increasingly busy diary for 2021 which encouraged me to grow that seed into something bigger.

Therefore - I am really excited to announce that I am to be joined in 2021 by an associate celebrant! The very lovely (and rather glamorous) Caroline will soon be helping out with delivering ceremonies when, as much as I want to, I cannot be in two places at once. No stranger to the wedding industry, Caroline also runs a bridal boutique AND a wedding planning business – with numerous celebrant weddings under her belt as well. How will she find time? Well, it will still be me fronting the business and working with couples from the very first point of contact, supporting them right through to the final ceremony revisions, but Caroline will step in and deliver ceremonies on those popular days when I am already booked. And of course, all of this is agreed with couples in advance! It will be the same top quality, highly personal and super-efficient service, with the added bonus of another smiley celebrant!

So if you’d like to see Caroline’s friendly face for yourself, head on over to this page. I have been updating the site to communicate some of the changes, including more detail about the process of working with me on your ceremony, some recent kind words, and a cute little flip book on 2021 pricing. I hope you think it’s an improvement – feel free to let me know.

In the meantime, look after yourselves and stay safe and healthy,

Lisa x

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