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Real life wedding: Chris and Lisa

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Christopher and Lisa’s wedding celebration was at Launceston Guildhall on Saturday 13 July 2019....

Happy couples just married by Celebrant in Cornwall
How gorgeous are these two?

…and it was a tear-jerker of a ceremony, to say the least!

When Christopher and Lisa first met they were just teenagers, but even at this tender age, they decided they would always be together. But life has a funny old way of disrupting the best laid plans, and it wasn’t until 30 years later that Chris and Lisa would reconnect, and decide never to let the other go.

I was asked to write a simple and traditional ceremony; Lisa wanted to be given away by her father, and the proceedings would include an exchange of vows and accompanying wedding rings, as well as a beautiful Tennyson reading. Chris and Lisa were very keen to recognise the support of all friends and family, many who had travelled some distance, and to involve Lisa’s two adult sons in the ceremony. Beyond those instructions, it was all up to me.

Following several phone calls and emails, and two meetings (which involved many anecdotes, much laughter and a few tears!), the ceremony was ready. It was such a pleasure to craft a story which charted their most unique and special journey, a ceremony packed with fun stories, bespoke blessings, and wording to convey the warmth, honesty and happiness of their relationship. I sent it to my couple and received this reply:

Lisa, we have just read the first draft of our ceremony and it is absolutely wonderful. If you need a precis of what we thought, we are both in tears - but Chris is a blubbering wreck! We are both so happy that you are guiding us through this special time. You have been amazing.

The ceremony took place on a beautifully sunny Saturday at Launceston Guildhall in Cornwall. This is a place special to both Chris and Lisa, since they are strongly connected to it through work and have attended many celebrations there. The date was also incredibly special to them – it was 34 years since their very first date.

Chris and Lisa looked overjoyed to stand together, surrounded by the people dearest and most important to them. This moment had been so greatly anticipated by everyone, all nerves disappeared and only excitement remained. The love and joy in the room was palpable. Friends and family hung on every word spoken by Chris and Lisa, but it was the vows which opened the flood gates and the extra tissues I had stashed in my folder were quickly handed round!

As with most ceremonies, it passed all too quickly, and it wasn’t long before Chris and Lisa walked down the aisle to their new married life, to a background of cheers and applause. Guests then mingled over drinks while photos were taken at Launceston Castle and everyone went on to enjoy a fabulous sit down meal and celebrations which went on long into the evening.

I received this lovely email ten days later:

We are still on honeymoon in France, having the most wonderful time, and not back until the weekend but we wanted to let you know our ceremony was perfect – truly, Lisa, it was everything and more than we could have wished for.

I had such a fantastic time sharing this day with Chris and Lisa, a beautiful couple inside and out. And because theirs was a story of such true love, it was impossible not to be completely committed to creating the most perfect ceremony which they deserved. I felt honoured to be asked to play a small part in their incredible adventure through life, and this will always remain a ceremony very close to my heart.

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