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Real life wedding: Samantha and Taylor

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Samantha and Taylor’s deeply romantic and unforgettably fun wedding ceremony was held at Trevenna in Cornwall on Monday 1 August 2022…

…. And it was a ceremony that was truly memorable - for a relationship that spanned the Atlantic Ocean, some incredible audience participation by Brits and Americans alike, and simply two of the nicest people you ever could meet! Taylor and Sam – where to start?! We loved this couple from the get go – we sensed instantly they had a wonderful story to share, and that they’d also navigated some tough times as a long distance couple - and since they booked their ceremony nearly two years ahead, we were delighted we had a good lead in time to get to know them! They’d met as solo travellers back in 2019, and got along so well, Sam and Taylor decided to travel the world as a couple, and at the end of their adventures, knew that they wanted to be together forever. Then of course that pesky Covid came along, causing all manner of challenges for couples, but particularly for those living on different continents! So as soon as travel restrictions lifted, Taylor planned a highly romantic proposal, and several painful battles with visa immigration laws later, they were legally married in a small ceremony in London, with only Sam’s sister and mum as witnesses. Which means they were so very ready for a big celebration with all their friends and family at the wonderful Trevenna – the perfect set up for a three day party!

There was so much to love about this wedding, apart from Sam and Taylor, possibly the cutest couple we’ve ever met! Firstly, the venue – need we say anymore? Trevenna is just the perfect place, and the hosting is always excellent. Secondly, being booked with equally fun and energetic wedding pros Tracey Warbey Photography and Noah Werth Film – so easy to work alongside, the dream team!

But then the details on the day – firstly meeting Sam and her girls, all still in their jammies, but super excited and raring to go! Then spending time with Taylor and his crew, these guys were SO much fun, it was so nice to hang out and meet the people we’d heard so much about.

And when the ceremony commenced, we loved the traditional American entrance of bridesmaids accompanied by groomsmen, while Taylor stood at the front supported by the best best woman ever, lovely Jess, patiently awaiting Sam’s entrance. And what an entrance it was! Sam looked simply stunning and as she met Taylor in front of all their guests; there might have been a few tears…

We launched into the ceremony with some of the loudest and most enthusiastic groups vows yet heard at Trevenna (special mention to the American guests who were amazing!) and then Taylor decided to freestyle his opening vows a little which had everyone in hysterics. The story was of course a joy to share: the highs and lows of long distance love, which was also the inspiration for the piece we wrote especially for Taylor’s good friend Corey to read, “Between London and Kalamazoo…”

Personal vows were made to one another (cue more tears), rings exchanged (with an excellent ring delivery service provided by page boy William), and a commemorative certificate was signed before Sam and Taylor literally danced back up the aisle to start the party.

And we were reminded about the indicator of an amazing wedding when we bumped into Ben the videographer some time later, and said “Hi – we last worked with you on that amazing wedding at Trevenna!” And Ben instantly knew which one we meant and added “Wasn’t that the best wedding!!” Yep, even in the busiest year ever, there are some totally memorable, stand-out weddings, and we were so delighted to be a part of this one. Sam and Taylor mini-mooned in one of our favourite places, enjoying a lovely sunny time glamping near gorgeous St Ives, and Taylor dropped us a line as soon as they returned: “Thank you so much doing such an amazing job officiating our wedding. We can't speak highly enough of the ceremony and how helpful you were. All our guests were huge fans of your writing and Sam and I had a blast! Thank you again for everything.”

And Sam kindly provided this review: “Wow, where to start... Lisa did an absolutely incredible job at officiating our wedding. She interviewed us a few months before the ceremony and really took her time in getting to know us as a couple, the story of how we met, and our own individual personalities too. She sent us a ceremony draft which reflected our initial conversation extremely well, and asked us for our input where needed. The script was amazing - engaging for the audience, captured our story perfectly, and had a real balance between romance and humour - perfect for us! Lisa had the patience of a saint as it took us a while to get back to her emails while trying to balance work & wedding planning. She sent us gentle nudges when needed and we really appreciated this. On the day itself, Lisa was so helpful and welcoming towards every single guest that approached her. Our ceremony left almost every single person in (happy) tears and we really feel that it was the highlight of our day. Thank you again Lisa, we wish we could do it all over again!”

It’s so kind when couples take the time to share their feedback, we really are always so very grateful, but these kind words did make us gulp a little! Thanks Taylor and Sam, we can’t wait to see you on your next trip to Cornwall. All photography by the fabulous Tracey Warbey.

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