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As featured in The Kind Bride…

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

It was so lovely to recently be asked to write a piece for The Kind Bride – a truly fabulous online resource for vegan brides and their tribes.

How did I not know about this incredible community?? The Kind Bride is only just over a year old, but is definitely creating a stir in the vegan wedding world. With a growing presence on social media, it is the blog content which keeps everything fresh and topical – with recent posts ranging from finding the best suits for the vegan groom, to recommendations for resorts for your honeymoon.

The editor of The Kind Bride is Daniela Degrassi, a lifestyle photographer who worked mainly in Northern California where she lived for 15 years, before moving back to her native Italy. Vegan since 2014, she has clearly found a perfect way to carry her message of compassion while celebrating her love for the wedding industry.

Daniela Degrassi, Editor at The Kind Bride
“The Kind Bride’s mission is to build a plant based community, where vegan brides and vendors can share their experience to show that planning a vegan wedding is incredibly rewarding and an amazing opportunity to share your values with the people you love.”

And so Daniela and I got chatting, and before I knew it, I was sharing some of the challenges I’d experienced as being a vegan registrar-turned-celebrant. Some of the more memorable moments include the venues which insist on decorating rooms and furniture with animal skins; the couples who want to release butterflies or birds as a form of symbolism; the guests who want to arrive by horseback or in full hunting gear; the companies who train birds and animals to deliver the wedding rings; oh and the ubiquitous hog roast…. it’s a long old list!

Anyway, if you’d like to have a read of the blog in full, please do head over to The Kind Bride. If you’re a vegan bride-to-be, you will find it packed full of wedding inspiration and some great content for sourcing vegan planners, venues, caterers, stylists, cakemakers, photographers and much more. There is also a really supportive Facebook group, so you can reach out with questions and requests, or ask for recommendations while planning your wedding. Plus you might even consider getting involved with your real life story – Daniela says one of the topics they love sharing most is real vegan weddings (as per Alex and Clark below!) and they are delighted to see so many submissions to the blog on this subject, clearly showing what a rapid growth plant based celebrations are experiencing!

Food for thought? I really hope so - and thanks for reading!

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