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Celebrating World Celebrants Week!

Just in case you missed it - from 15 – 21 November 2021 we celebrated just how blimmin' lucky we are to do what we do at Celebrant in Cornwall ❤

Every day, supported by the awesome folk at The Celebrants Collective and via the power of social media , we presented a different insight into why being a celebrant is so awesome – and why we believe a celebrant ceremony is simply the best way to celebrate your relationship!

So for anyone who is feeling the FOMO, here is a little summary of the week!

Day 1. This was all about launching the week and sharing a few trivia items with our audience, so you might know a little bit more about is. So here it is – our intro with a one minute slideshow !

Day 2 was all about sharing our top 3 reasons to choose a celebrant for your wedding or renewal of vows ceremony. Of course there are literally hundreds of reasons to choose a celebrant, but Lisa went onto Facebook to share her top 3 reasons in a six minute video (you’ll need the sound on for this one):

Day 3 was about picking our favourite testimonial. Now this was super-difficult – just like every ceremony we prepare and deliver, every single testimonial we receive is special and unique to us - and it really is impossible to plump for a favourite. So we chose one from our favourite locations of the year – because you simply cannot beat the Rocky Valley! One minute video to follow – with some tunes!

Day 4 and those naughty girls at Celebrants Collective raised the bar by asking us to pick our favourite ceremony and share it with the world. WAH – SO NOT FAIR!!!! Being the rebel hearted celebrants we are, we swerved this one and asked our audience to head over to our Real Life Weddings blog (Click the link in the image) where our latest ceremony all about the incredible Mouna and Paul had just been published! (And you can always dip into our series of blogs on this topic and see how much we love ALL our ceremonies!)

Day 5 – and the task was to reveal our celebrant inspiration! (Every day the tasks get blimmin’ harder, Lisa was heard to mutter…). As our longest serving celebrant, it was up to Lisa to answer this one! And she did this with a narration and photos – so turn the sound on for this one and sit back to hear about Lisa’s soul sisters in celebrancy!

Day 6 – oh my gosh, and we were flagging a bit by day 6 … today’s challenge was to respond to what made you become a celebrant? Easy for Caro and Sam to respond to – because Lisa told them how amazing they were and that they should join her as Celebrant in Cornwall! Lisa had to come up with her reasons - and it’s another narrated video for you:

Day 7 and the final leg of the journey and it’s a thoughtful one – your best piece of advice for couples. A response from each of us in visual form with some tunes thrown in:

And there you have it! The first World Celebrants Week is over, organised by the amazing Natasha and Claire at The Celebrant Collective. It’s been thought provoking, challenging, exciting, hard work and fun. We hope you’ve enjoyed our endeavours to enlighten and entertain – we certainly enjoyed sharing our experiences :-)

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